Why Write?

It is a simple enough question, but not a simple answer.

Asking a writer why he writes is like asking anyone why do they breathe. If you hold it in, you can survive a little bit at first, but then your heart starts to beat faster, your face starts to redden, and your palms start to sweat. There is something deep within our souls that burns, yearns, screams to be free, and you have to free it, otherwise you die a little bit with each passing day. And when you exhale there is a relief that sweeps over your body, a peace that settles your spirit.

That is why I write. Not to please the faceless audience of the blogosphere. Not because I have something revelatory to say. Not because I am naive enough to believe my writing will ever get published.

I write because it is the only way I have found that effectively allows me to breathe again. It is the medium that clicks. It is easy. It flows.Writing is my natural form of expression. It makes sense. If you are a fellow writer reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I write because I have no other choice.

Why In Shadows Of Glory?

I am not sure how the name came to me.  I was looking around for quotes for inspiration by Christian authors, speakers,  and pastors, but nothing seemed to resonate.  I saw a couple of quotes by C.S. Lewis, and I guess that my subconscious immediately thought of Lewis’s book The Weight of Glory. The words just seemed to come out as I typed them into the URL name and just made sense.

The more I look at it and the more I think about it, the more that I actually like the name.  It encompasses what our life should consist of, but it hints at the darker side of life.  I see the darkness at two levels.  One, everything that happens in this life is overpowered and overshadowed by God’s love and glory.  We cannot help but be engulfed in actions that bring glory to God.  Regardless of if I mean to or not.  Every action ultimately works out to God’s glory.  Two, whether we want to admit it or not, there is a darker side of life.  I’m not referring to evil or horrible events, but the reality of the human condition.  We do hurt.  We do experience pain.  We do have problems.  It is an unavoidable fact of living as a part of humanity.  The problem becomes darkness when we refuse to deal with it and ignore it.

Why What?

The “Why What” question attempts to ask: why do you write about what you choose to write about? The answer is simple: There is no answer.

I do not have a set plan of attack when I sit down to write. I usually have an idea, gripe, outline, or thought pattern already swirling before I sit down. So my writing process actually looks more like a therapy session with myself as I bat ideas back and forth trying to figure out which stick the best.

Because I write on what is currently going on in my life, the topics wander all across the landscape that is genre. There are some letters, some stories, some papers I have written for classes, some rants, some reflections, some introspections, some exegetical teachings, and some poetry. It is a conglomeration of what life is: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

When it is all said and done, I do want to come back to one thing: Jesus. I do not want to be overly churchy, Christian, or religious, but it is an aspect of my writing that I cannot hide because it is so pervasive in most of my posts. As you will notice, there is a Christian thread that runs through all of my writing. Ignore it if you must, but I encourage you to take it with a grain of salt and test it and probe it for yourself. You never know what you might get out of it.

You are seeing my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and insights. Something that is very personal to me. And for you to take the time to read these posts makes me feel honored more than you would imagine. So, thank you. My prayer is that you read these posts with an open heart and mind, and that these words resonate somewhere deep in your soul.  I pray that these words bring you hope while reminding you that you are not alone in your journey.

  1. Hi I am working on a book about Jesus as a kid. I found the photo you took of the synagogue and would love to use it. Would it be okay for me to use it and give you credit? Thanks, Gail Kamer

    • Garrison said:

      Hi Gail, could you please email me (garrisonbsmith@gmail.com) a little more information about what you would be using the photo specifically for? Thanks!

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