Bigger Dreams Are God’s Dreams

In a previous post, I explained how in life we end up choosing lesser dreams because, as humans, we inherently want the paths of least resistance. While we have all the intentions of seeing our deepest desires and dreams become a reality, we end up settling for lesser dreams because we also desire order, structure, and a plan.

Some of us have big dreams that we can imagine a set of circumstances that can lead to accomplishing it. Everything would have to fall perfectly in place for it all to work out, but it would take an act of God for it all to fall into place at the right time. These dreams are seemingly impossible, but they have a small chance of actually happening–with or without an act of God.

There are others of us who have even bigger dreams. All you have is an end goal. Nothing else. You have no idea what is the 15-step plan to go from nobody to somebody. You have no idea how to make the next idea actually work. You do not have any contacts that you can call in favors or ask advice. Nothing.

More specifically, there are those of us that follow Jesus that have been given a heart for something, somewhere, or someone that we do not have the time, resources, knowledge, know-how, or ability to fund, create, help, rescue, or do. It is no longer a dream; it is a burden. A burden not in the sense of depressing or draining, but one that you cannot shake out of your spirit or heart. No matter what you do, it will not go away. It haunts you–the injustice, the negligence, the backbiting, the division, the pain.

But, you feel like you cannot do anything about it and convince yourself to leave it to the professionals and trained organizations, and you adopt a dream that is lesser in nature forfeiting what was placed in your heart by God as a holy discomfort.

Why do we do this?

We are still afraid of the unknowns. We still want to take the easiest, neatest, and safest routes to get to our goals. But there are two problems with this thinking if you are a Christian. First, Jesus never promised it would be easy. Jesus did not come to make this life bearable. He came to give you a new life all together. Jesus did not come for your ease or happiness; He came to conquer sin and death–ultimately tied to your joy, not happiness. Therefore, the Christian life was never promised to be a walk in the park. In fact, if you read the Scriptures, you will begin to see that Jesus calls us to a life that is harder to live because it is contrary to our human nature. We should expect resistance when we begin to do the things that God asked and wired us to do, because we have an enemy that does not want us to succeed.

Second, we have a God who already has everything figured out. He is sovereign over all of history: past, present, and future. And that means he already has a plan for your life. He already has all the pieces in motion to play out for your good. This means you have a structure and a system already in place. In the grand scheme of life, you have a purpose and a direction. Nothing surprises God, because He knows all the unknowns. Therefore, if you follow Jesus, deep down, you are guided by the plan that God has orchestrated in eternity past for you. You are part of a larger, beautiful story that you can rest in because he has already paved the way. That way is good. That does not always mean it is easy, neat, or safe, but it is good.

But, the problem I think that needs to be addressed is a little bit harder to see. It combines both of the previous issues with an interesting twist.

Many of us have grown up around churches and organizations that are doing incredible things for the world–at large and at home. We have seen what the local and corporate body is capable of doing in a variety of different ways to help those inside and outside of the body. We are well aware of what we, as the body, can do when we dream big and involve God.

One of the problems in the Christian community is we do not believe in ourselves. Sure, we believe that our God is greater, our God is stronger, and our God is higher than any other, but we forget we have the power of that God living inside of us. He has given us the Spirit that can and will empower us to do the things he has created us to do. We do not believe in ourselves when the human potential is exponentially more when God is brought into the equation:

Human Potential + Divine Intervention = Unlimited Possibilities

At the core, the result is what scares us away from our dreams. We shy away because the dreams are so far outside of the realm of human possibility that they do not seem to be a tangible reality. The Divine element broadens our horizon to include dreams we never would have thought of much less thought were possible.

To say it another way…

We are scared of the deepest, darkest recesses because our opportunities have been expanded. With humanity they are limited to our mortal scope; with God, they are limitless. We are afraid of where we are going and what we are doing, because no one has ever thought to do it before because those areas do not even appear in their scope of dreaming.

Divine intervention not changes only you but also your dreams. Therefore, your first dreams begin to pale in comparison to the ones that were somehow hardwired into you by the Spirit given to you when you believed. No longer can you settle for lesser dreams; you were created to dream with God.

And God’s dreams are so much bigger than yours.


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