You are Chosen

Jesus speaks more in the Gospel of John than any other Gospel. If you have a Bible that has the words of Jesus in red, then the majority of this letter is red. While the other Gospels read like a highlight reel, John shares what Jesus says. He shares as many teachings as he can. While this makes it tough to follow a plot line of what was said when, he allows a glimpse into a deeper part of the heart of Jesus.

Nestled in a long discourse about love, Jesus says these words:

You did not choose me, but I chose you…”
- John 15:16

Look back at the stories where Jesus called the disciples. Every story Jesus tells them to “Come, follow me.” Jesus chose whom was going to follow him. Of course, there were crowds that chose to follow Jesus, but the core group of disciples were hand-picked by Jesus.

This was a group of radicals, liars, cheats, fishermen, rebels, loyalists, and priests; they were a pretty dysfunctional of followers, but Jesus picked them regardless of their past. He chose a group of misfits, rejects, and runner-ups to carry out His ministry.

God chooses messy, broken people to accomplish the impossible.

Do you understand that? GOD choose, not us.

God chose you. God chose me.

How much does that stretch your mind? All the time I’ve grown up in church I’ve been persuaded with the language to “choose to follow Jesus.” But what I learned –and was reminded of in this verse– is that I can choose God, but God first chose me.

Instead of this story being about us, and how “we” chose to follow Jesus, how about we refocus on who this story is really about: Jesus.

Be aware that God is calling you to follow Him . Be reminded that God uses messy, broken people to accomplish the impossible. Be encouraged that God believes in you, even when you do not believe in yourself.

God chose you.

    • Garrison said:

      Jonathan, thank you for reading and for sharing your post. I am sorry to hear you lost a friend, but I am also encouraged by the life he led and that you will see him again. Feel free to stop by and read some more! Thanks!

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