Remember: The Reason

If college has taught me one thing relationally, it is people are in your life for a season then are gone. Not necessarily because you hate each other or ended up in some life-altering fight, but because life just moves on and sometimes you move apart–for better or for worse. But there are some people, no matter how far the drive, what time zone they are in, or who they hang out with now, who always seem to be a consistent presence in your life.

I am starting a new series on Fridays that focuses on people who have made an impact in my life one way or another. These are people I am friends with, close to, and have shared life with at some point over my life time. They have been through some of the best seasons and roughest seasons. Some have been recent friends, some have been life long friends. But, regardless of the time or depth of the relationship, they have left a footprint on my life that I will be forever changed by.

These are not intended to be moments of glorifying how great my friends are; it is intended to honor the people who have made an impact in my life in hopes of helping you think and appreciate those in yours. I want to show how grateful I am to these people and remind them of how much of an impact they have in the lives of those around them. If you are my friends who are reading this, I am not trying to discriminate, but rather, out of a heart of gratitude and thankfulness, prayerfully consider those who have impacted my life and honor them in the appropriate manner. It is not because I have forgotten our friendship; I am waiting patiently to be reminded by the Holy Spirit.

Because, it’s easier to forget and harder to remember. This is my remembering. I hope you are encouraged to remember too.


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