Creative Masculinity

Exodus 31

One of the most pervasive lies that American culture has bought into is the idealized picture of the “Manly Man.” The man who hunts with his bare hands, idolizes every war-hero movie, drives an oversized truck, and loves the smell of the outdoors.

But what happens if you do not fit into that mold? Because, I definitely do not.

I will take a day indoors with a computer reading and writing over hunting and fishing any day. I am not an outdoorsy, blood-thirsty, adrenaline-loving, risk-taking, down-and-dirty grizzly bear of a man.

I think it is easy for men to get swept away into the idea that this prototype is what they should shoot for –especially in the South.

So what do you do if you are bent more towards something different? You love photography, writing, film, painting, drawing, sketching, thinking, acting, talking, discovering, or creating.

Culture has told you to “man up.”

God calls you to “live out.”

In order for the tabernacle to be built to the specifications God gave Moses, he was going to need some help. And with Moses’s history of low self-esteem, the project looked like a bust.

God knew that and poured out his spirit on two guys: Oholiab and Bezalel.

These two men were tasked with the job of creating all the metalworking, design, and intricacies of the tabernacle.

They were the artists.

So if you are a man, chances are you are unknowingly struggling with an identity crisis forced on you by culture. You are torn between what culture tells you should be and what God has made you to be. I challenge you to pursue the passions God has given you, especially if it involves creativity.

Our God is the God of Creativity.

Do not let culture shame you into thinking that creativity in the forms of writing, speaking, filming, drawing, painting, or any other form of expression is weak.

God chose two men to be the head designers of the tabernacle.

What is He calling you to create?


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