New and Old Words

Posts are coming farther and farther in between which means two things.

One, life is busy, and I am not writing as much as I should be. Writers need to write, otherwise they start to self-implode because the words that have been building up inside have no release. But, sometimes, you just do not want to write, or what you have to say is not relevant, provocative, or interesting. It’s just bland. It’s hard to write in these moments. Writing is not fun; it becomes a chore. Therefore, it gets pushed off to the side and forgotten about.

Two, those who follow this blog–however small a number–are not reading current posts frequently. As a reader, this does not encourage you to visit the site over and over again. In fact, the less something is updated the more people lose interest. I have gotten away from a regular posting schedule, so most of you have no idea when there is new content. Sporadic writing births a sporadic audience.

These two things I am sorry about, but I think I have found a solution. A year ago, I was a part of another website called 741Experiment. I took a hiatus from this blog to write more on there. Some followed me over there and read my posts along with the other people who contributed. But, more of you have since started reading and following and have not read many of those posts. 741Experiment has since been closed down and the posts are no longer on the web, so you cannot find those posts anywhere anymore.

In order to reward many of you for following my writings and get feedback on some old writings, I thought it would be a great idea to dip into my archives and republish some of these posts. I hope to get these on a schedule to where some type of new content will be live every Monday and Thursday. I will still be writing brand new content, but this will give me an opportunity to juggle life in conjunction with writing.

My hope is that you will find new life in these old words. I pray that they help you find a new perspective in Scripture, and as always, God will ultimately be glorified in my words and discussion.

Thanks for loyally reading, stopping by when you are bored, or just stumbling upon this site for the first time. I pray my words are an encouragement, bring hope, and give life as they struggle with questions of life, love, and faith.

Grace and Peace.


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