God Providing for the Present, Not the Future

What if God has provided for such a time as this? We pray and ask God to provide for the future, but the future never gets here. We start accruing money, assets, etc. and for what? Nothing. We end up sitting on it and letting it go to waste? Why? Security and comfort. Notice what Jesus says in the Lord’s Prayer: Give us THIS DAY our DAILY bread. Not our future bread. Our daily bread. What if we learned to see God’s provision for the here and now rather than the future? What would our world look like if we had the faith that God provided enough for our right now? How many more opportunities would we be able to be a part of rather than passing up because we were “saving?”

I recently had to make a huge financial decision. I was told about the opportunity to visit Israel for  a week in November with my two of mentors and two best friends. I had been wanting to go to Israel since I was a senior in high school, but the trip is not every year. It has been almost three years since the last trip and judging by the state of the world, it looks like this could very well be the last one for this group of people. So after talking it over with my parents and friends who were considering going, I decided to go for it.

Let me be honest, I do not make enough money to be able to afford this trip out of pocket. Granted, at one point in time I could have written the check for the complete amount and it would have cleared, but it would have drained my account. My parents said they would help me pay for the trip, but finances are tight at the moment and it probably would not be until the first of the year they would be able to help–which is after the trip. I had a decision to make: pay what I could, when I could, and pray that God would provide what I needed, or just hold off on this trip again.

I prayed about it and really felt no road blocks or hindrances, so I moved forward. I wrote a sizable check for the deposit and sent it in the mail. I knew how much the trip would cost, and I knew how much was in my bank account. I knew with moving into a new apartment, new utilities, and costs of the semester staring me in the face, it was going to be tight. Thankfully, I have a job that can help with supplemental income, but I knew things were going to be up in the air at least for a little while. But, I trusted that God would provide for the trip. That was my prayer: that God would provide.

That was until I had a conversation with my mom about the finances of the trip. I do not remember the specifics but the gist of it went along the lines of what if God has been providing all the time until this point for this trip? What if He knew you were going to go on this trip and started putting you in situations to make money to save for this time, so that when you got to this point, you would have enough at the moment to trust Him for the rest?

I had never thought about it that way. God had been providing for the future, but I viewed the future as this ever-changing “thing” that I was throwing money at when in reality, God had this moment in mind all the time to where He was preparing me to have enough for that day. It blew my mind.

After that conversation, I have not worried about the finances at all. I realize that God has gotten me to this point, and He will get me the rest of the way. For example, my Dad received an unexpected bonus from work and was able to help provide some extra help. I was completely grateful for the small way that God provided.

I know Israel is not a “daily bread” type of situation, but, to me it was. It was a desire of my heart, and God saw fit to provide–even in the past–for me to go. I am trusting Him now to provide not only for the trip but for the day-in, day-out. I have seen Him come through in these small situations, and it strengthens my faith to know my God can come through in bigger ones too.

What are you trusting God for? What “daily bread” do you need Him to provide you with today? How might you be asking God to provide for this or that in the future and completely miss out on how He is blessing you in your day-to-day life? We all want God to do something big in the future, but sometimes He likes to work in the small was in the present so when we look in the past, we appreciate how big the future turned out to be.

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  1. Eric said:

    I’m glad to see that your situation worked out for you. Well, the daily bread that My Wife and I are looking for God to provide is a way to catch up on electric and phone bills that are two months behind. a steady job for me, temp work is not enough to pay the bills. Food we seem to have to go to food pantries, its not much food but we manage.

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