Wanderings We Wear When We Wonder Who, What, Where?

The world is whispering its worthless words;
The people are peeking at its provocative pictures.
The others–once thought ours–only opaquely outshine their former oaths;
Linked loosely to leading life, and linked now to what seems a lifetime leading.
Their heart is no longer humming harmoniously to the heartbeat of your home;
Rather, rots in the recesses of relationships regarded by the rebellion of reckless romance.

There you stand in a state of stimulation while your soul stirs with surreal sympathy;
Wondering Where, When, and Who, while welcoming your welled up wishes.
You dream of duets of dancing in the dawnlight of dark;
Thoughts tarry on the things that tempted you today.
Loneliness lashes like a lightning bolt leaps;
The footsteps of fear are following, falling flawlessly flat the few had forgot.

Despite the despair dampening your demeanor, do not be dissuaded or discouraged;
Remember, reality reveals remnants that have been recently removed.
Understand that undying, unconditional union is united, untimely, and unseen;
Owe openness to others outlawing our old obstinacy.
Believe Brother and Boy both become what beckons your beat;
Come! Celebrate your chance to cherish this consecrated communion.

Gorgeous! You have guarded the good and generously given grace to generations;
A past that pursued purity and pervasively perceived.

Beautiful! Be bewildered by blossoming beams of a bright “To Be;”
Enjoy every escaping evening enthralled in the eyes of your Everything.

Love! Lift up and look lest life leave you lonely and lost;
True love has waited and has won whom he wants.


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