Why I Don’t Care About Royal Weddings.

Number one, I am a guy. It goes without saying that the wedding itself is not something that most guys are going to flip out over. All the flowers, makeup, decorations… all the “pretty” stuff does not matter in the mind of guys.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt that things look nice and neat, but a guy does not watch wedding shows about drama or dresses. Guys go to weddings for three reasons: obligation, respect, and sex–usually a combination of two of the three (i.e. obligated to show respect to wife’s girlfriend’s best girlfriend otherwise sex is withheld).

So, I am naturally inclined not to care one way or another who–in a country I do not even live in, mind you–is getting married where (I would go as far to say that Hollywood is a country too, in this respect).

Number two, while the glitz and glam of a televised, royal wedding is all well and good (chalk up another win to the Media for the hype), I do not see how this is
helping young girls other than inflating their views of the fairy tale wedding and life.

The overwhelming majority of girls are not royalty (and do not pull the “God is my King, and I am an heir of His Kingdom; therefore, I am a royal princess” Jesus Juke). Therefore, all the media coverage and hype is doing is creating a false sense of hope for something that an impossibly small percentage will ever achieve.

There are distinct differences between goals, dreams, and fantasies. Goals are realistic achievements–albeit, not always easy, but achievable nonetheless. Dreams have a tension by having one foot in the realm of reality and one foot in the realm of hope; they can be achieved but are not easily attainable by ordinary means. Fantasies are nothing more than untrue mirages of things that will never come to pass outside an act of God.

So why is it a good thing to put this ideal on a pedestal, encouraging young girls to idolize the idea of the perfect wedding with the prince and the flowers, when, in reality, none of that ever happens? How is it a good idea to build up a fantasy of a Prince Charming coming in to save the day, when, in reality, he causes more problems than he fixes? It is setting up people to find validation by vicariously living through someone else’s experience because they know full well they will never have that opportunity.

Number three, a televised ceremony of porcelain untouchables does not give an accurate model for anyone to follow when it comes to marriage. It gives the illusion that marriage is all happy-go-lucky. While it is true that one’s marriage day is supposed to be the happiest day of their life–which is as it should be–the TV cameras do not follow the couple through every day life to show how hard marriage is. The Media shows us the happiness while disregarding the parts that actually make up marriage.

That is why I feel sorry for everyone who shared the same wedding day as the Royal couple. It is supposed to be their most glorious day, a day that will be a benchmark and moment to remind them of why they chose to spend their lives together.

I am not saying that the Royal couple do not love each other. That is not what I am arguing against. I am arguing against the idea that celebrity marriages are not what we should be idolizing because they are not the marriages that shape culture. The marriages that shape culture are the ones that happen every day in small towns, big cities, college towns, and suburbs across America.

Those are the marriages that are on the front lines, not the celebrity ones in Hollywood or Britain. Those are the ones that shape culture, not the elite. Those are the ones that are going to influence the next generation on what they perceive love is and how they pursue it, not a disengaged from reality pop-culture star.

You do not have to look far–only to classrooms of elementary students–to see broken families are littering the cities of America.

We are failing in the arena of marriage. No thanks to the idolization of celebrities whose lives we will never attain.

We must take back marriages if we ever intend to see America halt its downward spiral of degradation.

It is not an option; it is a responsibility.


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