Theophobic Fidelity

In americanChristianity we have minimized the basic fear of God and replaced it with awe and respect. We are missing the one critical part of the equation. Fear is a double sided coin.

On one side: perspective.

To fully – or attempt to – comprehend the complexity of God, we must genuinely stand in awe of His character and creation. We must respect His authority. we must understand our role in His story by acknowledging the grandeur of God.

On the other side: reality.

This is the part americanChristianity tends to disassociate with. We are fine with being blown away by the beauty of His creation but end up uneasy when confronted with His judgment and wrath.

We begin to romanticize God in order to make Him more appealing. We start to – unconsciously – think that the issues are with God. We become arrogant, self-consumed individuals who try to make the Divine Being of the universe fit in our small box.

We do not fully comprehend the weight of our sin. We do not fully comprehend the fullness of God’s wrath. In turn, we do not fully appreciate the extension of grace given to us.

Our fear is replaced with comfortability with God.

If we were to see God, our perspective would be corrected, but our reality even more so. The reality that the only things restraining God from pour His wrath (and deserved punishment for sin) is the blood of Jesus the Christ.

While there is no longer any reason to live in fear of God’s wrath, there is a healthy amount of fear that should be forever seared into our soul as we try to comprehend the awesome power and authority God commands.

Living without fear is not courageous, it is arrogant.

Living in fear is not weakness, it is humility.

Our perspective and reality should be centered around the fear of who God says He is and what He says He will do, while continually trusting in His promises of grace and mercy through the blood of Jesus the Christ.


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