Inspiration is the toughest thing for a writer to grasp. No matter how hard you try it always seems to slip right though your hands like a snake dipped in grease. But it is a necessity when you write for a living. When you want to explore an experience. When you want to share your thoughts.

But those thoughts always seem to be muddled with distractions of work, play, or seemingly irrelevant details. Your heart runs happily to these other situations, while your head promises to stop putting off the inevitable by waiting until later. Rarely do the times happen when your heart and your head agree on a common purpose or goal.

But there are rare times. There are rare glimpses of genius where rationality and intellect meet creativity and emotion. When that happens, something beautiful is created. Something timeless. Something real.

It is the moment where words cease to exist on just a page, but find a new breath in the world in which they are spoken to. The pages release them and allows them to begin a journey to a more intimate place. Past the searching eyes that read them to the brain to examine them. Where they are tossed and turned around; unbeknownst to our conscious mind, our newly digested thoughts play childish games of hide-and-go-seek with the rationality that only comes from experience. But after the New is pinned down and thoroughly searched, a wonderful joining happens.

More than just a couple holding hands in a park. More than just a transfer of heat from a fireplace to your cold feet on a winter’s night. More than words expressing deep meaning.

Your mind begins to forget how to distinguish between the two. You lose track of where one begins and another ends. Instead of seeing two distinct thoughts, they merge into one cohesive entity, like mixing finger paints as a kid. These ideas change and mold together to make something much more exquisite. They become different. They become personal.

Now your heart grabs endlessly at the conclusions your mind has recreated. Stretching and reaching to claim part of it as it’s own. Enough of it to keep it alive for one more moment. Tirelessly striving to contribute to this system.

But the important part is not what comes out from the process of our tug-of-war with mind and heart, but rather what the heart takes away in the end. For those pieces, however small they might be, are the inspirational truths that fuel our personality and humanity. The multitude of fleeting thoughts, that were not grasped, are just recycled waiting to be infused with new ideas in hopes they will be united with soul.

So the quest for inspiration is not about who can write the most profound monologue or dialogue, but it is about something deeper. It is an adventure of the heart to pursue what gives it life. And while seemingly fleeting and unattainable –like any long term goal– there is something larger that keeps bringing us back to endlessly pursue it.

So what if inspiration was more than just a goal or a end to achieve? What if it was the journey that all artists are on. The journey to reach the intangible. To explain the unexplainable. To capture the beauty of the wonders. Where you are placed inside a story that is bigger than your own, with people who are striving –with or without knowledge of the existence of others on the journey– for the same thing.

What if inspiration was more than just inspiration. What if it was what you were created for?


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