I felt like my older blog was outdated.  Not necessarily the concept or the idea, but the writing.  I felt a desire to start writing publicly again, but felt as though I needed a fresh start.  Picking up from where I left off on my other blog seemed as though I would be stuck in the rut of no vision, no purpose, and no goal.  So I needed something new.  A new look.  A new feel.  A new vision.

And so, In Shadows of Glory was born.

I am not sure how the name came to me.  I was looking around for quotes for inspiration by Christian authors, speakers,  and pastors, but nothing seemed to resonate.  I saw a couple of quotes by C.S. Lewis, and I guess that my subconscious immediately thought of Lewis’s book The Weight of Glory. The words just seemed to come out as I typed them into the URL name and just made sense.

I have no idea why it made sense.  Glory is not something that is on my mind as much as other things concerning God.  I guess I was first exposed to a larger meaning while attending Passion City Church and Passion 2010.  God’s glory is what this life is all about.  This simple truth was a revelation to me.  I guess I have been chewing on this thought at times without consciously thinking about it.

The more I look at it and the more I think about it, the more that I actually like the name.  It encompasses what our life should consist of, but it hints at the darker side of life.  I see the darkness at two levels.  One, everything that happens in this life is overpowered and overshadowed by God’s love and glory.  We cannot help but be engulfed in actions that bring glory to God.  Regardless of if I mean to or not.  Every action ultimately works out to God’s glory.  Two, whether we want to admit it or not, there is a darker side of life.  I’m not referring to evil or horrible events, but the reality of the human condition.  We do hurt.  We do experience pain.  We do have problems.  It is an unavoidable fact of living as a part of humanity.  The problem becomes darkness when we refuse to deal with it and ignore it.

So my goal for this blog is as follows:  I want to write everything I feel, think, and experience for God’s glory.  And rather than trying to write with an academic, a theologic, or an intelligent intent, just write what my heart speaks and feels.  That means my posts will run the gamut of encouraging thoughts of what God is teaching me to a honest approach to the realism that is humanity.

I hope you read these posts with an open heart and mind, and that these words resonate somewhere deep in your soul.  I pray that these words bring you hope while reminding you that you are not alone in your journey.

  1. Stephanie Smith said:

    Love it, G! Brilliant!

  2. Jennifer Sewell said:

    So proud of you Garrison and excited to see what God is doing in your life!

  3. Tommy Smith said:

    Warming and honest. Nicely done.

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